Spring is Here

Spring is here!! Its time for change, renewal, goal setting…. all those good things.

For me, personally, it’s the dawn of a new era in my personal life and career. Its time to spearhead my passion and integrate that energy into our newly branded Artistry in Motion Program.

You have seen it here with the dawn of our new beautiful and educational website, but this is only the beginning. Yes, there will be more to follow….

I encourage all of us to set goals- artistic goals that is. When I work with a skater (or a group of skaters or coaches) I always ask their goals. What do they want to gain from sharing time with me? What can I do to help them achieve their goals?

It’s interesting because I almost always get the same answer……I want to learn to be more expressive. I want to interpretive the music better. I want to get better “facial”.

That’s when it hits me. Skaters need tools. They can implement information; that is proven by the very nature and structure of figure skating. To be able to get through the testing structure alone proves diligence, perseverance and dedication. The simply need to learn the tools that work and will work quickly. Tools that can easily be transferred from off ice to on quickly and concisely.

Its taken me 30 plus years to hone these tools of training and learn to pick and choose the correct ones that will work for every induvial skater. No two skaters are alike, even at the same test level, so no two formulas are the same.

Choreography is visual and mathematical; you need to take into consideration the “landscape” of the skater while knowing their technicalities. That takes study, talent and experience. Not all movements (choreography) looks good on every person. Execution depends on the way in which a skater naturally moves and that cannot be changed. It can be disguised but it cannot be changed.

This is the dawn of a new era….Stay Tuned!



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