Frequently asked questions

How do I get a workshop in my rink?

If interested in booking a workshop, you can do so online at or you can also contact Paula Wagener directly at Please have possible dates in mind and the type of workshops that you are interested in booking.

How do I find out about the different kind of workshops offered?

All workshops are inlcuded online at

What additional costs, if any are incurred by the rink or club?

The hourly rate for on/off-ice classes is $150 an hour to be paid directly to Paula upon completion of workshop. Additional costs for the hosting rink or club are travel expenses for Paula which includes airfare and hotel, car mileage/rental (if applicable).

The workshops include an artistry in studio membership - I already have one, so what do I do?


Are the levels of skating suggested for each workshop mandatory?

Yes, we do try to keep our levels of participation current with the guidelines of registration. We design are curriculum aroudn the specific needs of every skater at their moment of development, therefore we do attempt to stay to stay true to level requirments.

How do I register for a workshop online?

Simply go to Contact Us for more infomration.

More questions?

Contact Paula Wagener at or 518-928-6320

How much lead time do you need to put together a workshop?

It really depends on your interest level, the more skaters interested the more quickly we may be able to schedule a workshop for you. As a rule of thumb, we ask for 60 days (2 months) lead time. As a reminder, our cancellation policy is ten (10) days prior to the workshop date.