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Inside Skating Events 

The Ice Factory in Kissimmee, FL, under the leadership of Skating Director, Paula Wagener runs several workshops throughout the year.  Go to to find out more about the events and register. 

Studio 2 Ice 

Become a Member of the Community.  When you become a member, you will have access to all three channels - Studio Barre to Ice, Studio Center 2 Ice and Virtual Paula. Members have more videos and additional classes available. Resources will continue to be added throughout the year. Now for Just $4.99 for one year of membership.

AIM Instructors Education

Coming Soon!  Fall 2020

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AIM Curriculum

If you are a registered Learn to Skate USA program, you are provided the AIM curriculum.  If interested in running the AIM curriculum at your facility contact

Learn to Skate USA Membership Services at

AIM Apps 

Visit Rink Tank Interactive in your iPhone or IOS Store to Download the Artistry in Motion 1-4 apps.  These apps will show skaters the basic principles & philosophy of choreography and the foundation in body alignment, movement & line. 

AIM TalentSkate

Coming Soon! 2020-2021

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Phone Number: (518)928-6320