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How it all started?

Over 25 years ago,  I had a dream to create an organization and resource center for choreography and style in figure skating...and that dream is now a reality.  Thanks to virtual training, Learn to Skate USA, and many camps and clinics nationwide, I have been able to reach out to so many of you through the years and because of you my dream is becoming a reality.  

Artistry in Motion was copyrighted in 1992 as a coaching and choreography course.  In 2000, U.S. Figure Skating adopted the program into their Basic Skills program and today it has been restructured for the Learn to Skate USA program. 

AIM has reached over 450,000 figure skaters and has expanded into competitive figure skaters and coaches education.  We are constantly evolving for the needs of figure skaters and their coaches.


In 2018, Artistry in Motion launched its new website. As we head into the 2019-2020 season, we are excited to be offering several new services both on and off the ice as well as online! Throughout my career, I have traveled extensively with my Artistry in Motion workshops and my off-ice class program, working with skaters of all levels across the globe. With the advancement of technology and the access to internet services, the 2019 business model has certainly changed since I founded Artistry in Motion in 1992. I am excited to announce that as AIM enters into 2019 I will be offering a video platform to enhance your program components and skating skills. This will include video of exercises that can be done both on and off the ice.

Each skater has their very own special qualities, and my goal is to enhance what is inside of each and every skater, regardless of level and lay the foundation for your success. Just “Show Up and Be You!”


When was it that you first fell in love with the ice? How does the ice make you feel?

AIM wants to hear how you #TakeAim, show us how you express yourself through movement on and off the ice. Tweet us a video, a picture or simply just a statement piece.

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Tips From Paula


"The Trilogy of Movement"

Artistry - Body - Choreography

Let's Celebrate this Beautiful Choreographer

Judith Jamison 

"I've always felt that complement of opposites: body and soul, solitude and companionship, and in the dance studio, contraction and release, rise and fall." In 1971, Alvin Ailey choreographed "Cry" for Jamison. This a 15-minute solo dance depicting the struggles of black women and was expressly choreographed for Jamison who started her journey into dance in Philadelphia, PA at the Judimar School of Dance at 6 years old.  That was 1947. After Ailey's passing in 1989, she became Artistic Director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Watch an interview with Judith Jamison and her signature piece "Cry" Part 1. 

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