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" When will Paula be coming back?" This is a question asked daily by skaters, parents and coaches. Paula's seminar was a fantastic catalyst for our skaters, unleashing the skaters expression and movement on the ice. Paula is a master at engaging with all levels and ages of skaters, encouraging the skaters to go beyond their expressive comfort zone, teaching students that  music and motion is the connection between artistry, athleticism and their audience.     


The Paula Wagener seminar was a great way to kick off our summer skating program. The level of enthusiasm for skating and performing at our rink has skyrocketed. Paula's "Artistry in Motion" was an incredible experience, energizing both coaches and skaters. Skater parents gained a greater appreciation and a new perspective concerning the many facets of what makes a skating performance an art form.


"Thank you, Paula" for providing our skaters with the knowledge and expressive confidence to skate without limitations. "

- Joyce DiToppa, Ice & Blades of Western Pennsylvania President & Test Chair

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