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Florida Ice Performance (FIP) is a not for profit charitable trust designed to introduce and inspire figure skaters in the art of figure skating technique and performance, Fip raises funds through charitable donations and fundraisers using those funds to help subsidize figure skating events and individual training.  


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Florida Ice Performance

History and Mission

Conceptualized in the Fall of 2022, Florida Ice Performance is passionate about inspiring others by basing their philosophy from the Russian Discipline of Ballet on Ice. FIP is an amateur theater on ice program (team) that participates in the US Figure Skating Theatre on Ice Program. 

In its first 6 months as a performance team, FIP skaters participated in one ice show, two performances at the Amway Center in Orlando and two figure skating exhibitions.

As our program grows and develops so will our group endeavors which will include fundraising through carwashes, bake sales and community projects. The skaters will be participating in a team-based program; thus, making this affordable and a fantastic bonding and friendship making experience.

The Mission of Florida Ice Performance is to create a lifelong appreciation of the art motion on ice by providing quality skating for all ages and levels.

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